More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Games Lift: Markus Koepke stays the course

Years of experience have led him here: Alone, on an abandoned ship in the middle of the ocean. Markus Koepke's project "Journey Beyond the Edge of the World" in the Games Lift Incubator lures us in with its melancholic vibes.

The trailer looks like it is coming from an almost finished game: Through a washed-out and pixelated lens, we see a ship rocking in the heavy sea. Synthesizers keep humming and creaking. Someone walks across the deck in first-person, glances at ghostly outlines and picks up objects. A voice echoes, barely audible, searching for words. The mood is thick. Typically, we would expect this kind of showing from a project that is close to being done. 

 “Journey Beyond the Edge of the World” will be a first-person adventure game in a minimalist setting: Everything takes place on a ship, alone on the sea. The experience is structured by music pieces and narration. Puzzles evolve from the story and are meant to make sense in context; an early gameplay example involves patching a leak. 

The game and its trailer are both the work of one man. Markus Koepke describes himself as a generalist. The proof is in his project. Music, design, code, graphics, editing; everything is made by him. 

More of a generalist 

In Markus Koepke’s words, his career falls into a series of logical steps. It all began with studying media management, which “basically” translated to “project management”. Working in an agency, he “switched to the creative side relatively quickly”. He dedicated more of his time to camera work and built-up practical experience in a variety of fields. He learned with and from professionals, dealing with production, directing, filming and editing over several years. Koepke sounds grateful. “I learned an incredible amount,” he says. 

His career journey was marked by the search for the right creative avenue. After the agency, he started a production company. And he rediscovered his interest in game development. Games had always been important to him. He is a fan of the German cult-classic RPG “Gothic” and loves to “dive into worlds.” 

As a teenager, he made his first experiences with tools like RPG Maker and Flash. As a professional, Koepke took up developing increasingly complex projects in a variety of engines. A main inspiration for him as a camera person was the vibrant indie scene with its visual diversity. This showed in his own projects; they “always started with a visual idea.” Story and game mechanics could still be important, but they came later.

Music first 

With his project in the Games Lift Incubator, Koepke shows a new side. This is a conscious decision in his creative process, aiming to build up knowledge with each new project. A stunning example is the way the sea seems alive in “Journey Beyond the Edge of the World”, with waves rolling by in a dynamic and occasionally terrifying way. The low-poly look and its implementation go back to his previous project “Lost Carcosa.” 

Inspiration for Koepke’s project is provided by indie horror hit “Signalis,” but also by the cozy “A Short Hike.” Even though both games look and feel vastly different, their influence is easily recognizable: “Journey Beyond” combines old-school graphics with modern visual effects. The emerging mood feels completely new. 

From the very beginning, “Journey Beyond” took a new direction. Here, the music came first. Koepke has been playing the guitar “forever,” and has added synthesizers and production to his toolkit for some years now. While he was working on new pieces, something happened in his imagination: Themes, a story started to emerge. He thought about the project in terms of visual representation, about an interactive kind of music video. He developed “Lost Carcosa” as a proof of concept. And it worked; he was onto something.  

He might be a solo developer, but Koepke emphasizes that he is not alone: Over the years, he has built a strong network. When he runs into a specific problem, he knows where to find the right help. His approach to the Games Lift Incubator is in the same spirit – he is not here to go it alone, but with a special focus on making contacts. 


Successful third Pitch Level Up 2024 in SPACE Hamburg

For the third time, about 80 participants were able to gain valuable expert knowledge from our talks at our Pitch Level Up event and review and optimize their pitch decks and pitches for their game projects in 1:1 feedback sessions. 

Hamburg Games Conference: 5 Things to Do in the City

Are you visiting our beautiful city for the Hamburg Games conference? We recommend to stay a while and explore some of the unique sights Hamburg has to offer. After all, it is one of the most popular cities to visit in Europe. Here are five things you should do when travelling to town for the Hamburg Games Conference (besides visiting the conference of course)

Road to Hamburg Games Conference - 7 Hamburg indies present their games

The Hamburg Games Conference is just around the corner - 2 days of expert insights, talks, panels, roundtables and networking from March 5 to 6 at the Altonaer Museum. With our Road to HGC program, we present seven Hamburg indie studios that will showcase their games on the conference expo floor.

Senator's Roundtable 2024 brings industry decision makers and politics together

As in previous years, Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator for Culture and Media, and Gamecity Hamburg invited executives from the gaming industry to the Senator's Roundtable 2024 to discuss current challenges and topics within the industry.

Get your ticket now for the HGC 2024

Hamburg Games Conference: Gaming meets Business 2024

On March 5 and 6, the Hamburg Games Conference (HGC) will become the meeting point for international games companies and start-ups, as well as all those who want to understand the underlying issues and are aiming for cooperation with games studios.

Internship Games at Hamburg Game Studios

School Internship Games January 2024: Learned a lot

For three weeks, 16 young people from Hamburg schools were able to get a taste of the games industry in a games internship. They visited two Hamburg game studios and the HAW Hamburg.

Ole Jürgensen, Founder & CEO of Crumbling

Three Questions to: Crumbling on their Release Day

Crumbling has been with Gamecity Hamburg from the start: Part of the first round of our Games Lift Incubator in 2020, they then convinced the jury of the Prototype funding in 2021. In addition, we have fond memories of sharing a booth at different conventions with the lovely Crumbling Team - so we are beyond excited about the release of this VR gem on January 18 and took the opportunity to speak with Ole about his (game dev) adventure.

Pitch Level Up 2024: Boost your pitch with expert feedback!

The Pitch Level Up is back! Join in on February 16, 11 am - 6 pm: Get individual feedback on your pitch deck from seasoned games industry professionals with different perspectives - to optimize your pitch for publishers, media, investors or funding institutions.

School Internship Games 2024 starts on January 8

From January 8 to 26, 2024, Hamburg games companies will once again open their doors for the School Internship Games: a comprehensive three-week internship for 16 students from 9th grade. Game developers and media educators provide practical tasks in game design, programming, audio and many other professional fields, in order to give the interns valuable insights in the process of creating video games.

Recap 2023 and Lookout for 2024

One minute we're celebrating Gamecity Hamburg's 20th anniversary, then 2024 is just around the corner. So it's time for us to take a look back at the milestones of 2023 and set new goals for the coming year! And because most of us have little time in the last few weeks of the year, here are the most important periods and application deadlines for our projects and funding for 2024 at a glance. But first things first: Let's briefly summarize the year 2023; after all, you don't celebrate 20 year anniversaries every year.

Games Lift: We’ll keep in touch

Is the Games Lift Incubator 2023 already over? Not exactly. But the first phase is, and on the occasion all teams presented their projects and progress: It’s the graduation pitch on December 5 at Design Zentrum Hamburg! 

Games Lift: Team Dottobeau have an eye for emotions

The game feels particularly warm and empathetic – and its team is a reflection of those values. “Dottobeau” is a game about searching and finding one’s own place in the universe. And it demands emotional intelligence.

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