More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Goodbye Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub

The time has come for the Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub. We are closing the virtual home for Hamburg's games industry on our Gamecity Hamburg website. Join us for a trip back on memory lane.

The time has finally come for the Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub. We are closing the virtual home for Hamburg's games industry on our Gamecity Hamburg website and take a look back at the Hub's golden age: Goodbye Hub, we had a great ride! You can watch the Goodbye-Video here:

Start in May 2021

Launched in May 2021, in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic, the Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub offered the Hamburg games industry network a digital home in form of an interactive browser game. A perfect opportunity to network in times of social distancing and widespread home office conditions.  In an authentic Hamburg setting, the Hub invited visitors to take a digital stroll through St. Pauli, the historic harbor, the Speicherstadt and other characteristic Hamburg locations - and playfully introduced a variety of 60 companies from the Hanseatic city's games ecosystem.  

A unique Browsergame 

Exploration and Interaction in the Gamecity Hamburg Headquarter

But its visitors also gave the Hub a very personal touch with their individually designed avatars, which were able to move freely through the digital world. Digital events, for which the Online Hub provided an online main stage, provided the necessary variety. This stage not only provided background information on companies and educational institutions, but also featured open video calls and presentations that invited people to chat freely with each other. The technical framework was provided by the event agency Super Crowd Entertainment, which had already implemented the digital exhibition concept of the "Indie Arena Booth Online" based on the same technology and was therefore awarded a special prize as part of the Deutscher Computerspielpreis.  

Display of Funded Games

At the center of the digital city map stood the Gamecity Hamburg Headquarter. Here, the funded projects of the Gamecity Hamburg programs Games Lift and Prototype Funding were presented to the digital public. Visitors were not only able to keep up to date with the concepts and development progress, but also received lots of practical information about the City of Hamburg's games funding programs from the digital avatars of the Gamecity team members. 

Online Events & Networking

HAW Games Master's Program Display as Online Event

The first highlight of the Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub followed shortly after the launch in June 2021 when the Gamecity Treff and the Hamburg Mobile Summit merged into one digital event - and made the Hub the place to be for Hamburg industry members. The Creative Gaming Festival PLAY21 also moved to the Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub for that year - featuring a typical convention atmosphere and program, including the award ceremony of the Creative Gaming Award. 

However, not only companies and events, but also educational institutions such as the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) joined the Hub and for example presented the final work of the Games Master's program on the digital stage. In addition to the presentation of their final projects, the graduation itself was also broadcasted via livestream, allowing not only industry members but also friends and family members of the students to share this special moment. 

Thank you and Goodbye

A nice Harbor View in the Hub

The Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub revealed what makes Hamburg's games industry so unique: a strong network looking for new, digital ways and solutions to connect, help each other and grow together, even in times of unprecedented social challenges. Strengthened by this certainty, Gamecity Hamburg says "Thank you and farewell!" to the Online Hub and looks forward to the future.   

For all those who wish to maintain a digital connection to Hamburg's games industry in the future, the official Gamecity Hamburg Discord channel is particularly recommended.


Queer Games Bundle 2024 - Our top 5 Games

In the Queer Games Bundle you can find about 500 games, assets and more in support of LGBTQ+ games, creators and game devs. We picked some highlights for you.

Gamecity Hamburg & four Hamburg indie game studios and developers at Nordic Game 2024

Recap: Road to Nordic - Gamecity Hamburg at the Nordic Games Conference 2024

Let's look back at our Road to Nordic program: We attended the Nordic Game Conference 2024 in Malmö, with four Hamburg indie game developers and their game projects.

Gamecity Hamburg Prototype Funding 2024: Hamburg funds five prototypes of digital games

Gamecity Hamburg supports five game projects in the 2024 funding round as part of its Prototype Funding program. As early-stage funding for companies and start-ups based in Hamburg, the funding enables the development of prototypes of digital games with high market potential.

Job Spotlight: Bytro

Bytro is a well-established institution in the Hamburg games industry and the mobile and browser games market. Their first game, Supremacy 1914, will turn 15 years old in May of 2024. This is a rare milestone for any game, especially considering that this historic war strategy game might not exactly be a mainstream product. The key to running a successful company for a long time is, of course, the people. As Bytro is currently hiring, we spoke to Felix Schröter, the interim Lead for Analytics and Monetization. He has had many different opportunities at Bytro and gave us deeper insights into the company and their current job openings.

Games Lift: More Successful Than Ever

It’s high time to apply for this year’s Games Lift Incubator. The next round is already gearing up. Meanwhile, the program has proven its worth: It is developing success.

Games Lift 2024: Apply now from May 2 until June 10

Applications for Gamecity Hamburg's 2024 Games Lift are open from May 2 to June 10. Five teams will receive financial support in the form of 15,000 euros, a comprehensive workshop program and access to the Games Lift Network of international industry experts. In addition, the teams can benefit from 1,000 euros in coaching budget. After a three-month workshop phase, the teams will be further supported with individual mentoring and will travel together to an international industry event until August 2025.

Games Lift Alumni: Why you should go for the Incubator

The Games Lift Incubator is a unique program offering 15,000 euros of funding, 3 months of workshops to get your game concept market-ready and a year of mentoring. Five teams per year get the chance to bring their game concept to the next level with this suppport. But if you're still not convinced that applying would be a great idea, we think it's best to see what other indie devs have to say about their time in the program: 

(C) Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Marchsreiter Communications )

Hamburg studios score big at the German Computer Game Award 2024

Four Hamburg studios have brought home awards at the German Computer Game Award 2024. Congratulations!

Road to Nordic - Four Hamburg indies present their games

The Nordic Game Conference is one of the most important games conferences in Europe, with an expo area, developer showcase, and plenty of opportunities for meetings. Gamecity Hamburg brings four indie games from Hamburg to Malmö with the "Road to Nordic" program.

InnoHub: Hamburg-based developer InnoGames offers work spaces for rent

Game developer InnoGames offers work spaces for rent at their headquarter in Hamburg-Hammerbrook.

HAW Hamburg - A Place Where Indie Game Careers Are Born

Hamburg is home to a great number of vocational schools, private and public universities where people can learn all about games jobs and how to kickstart their career in the industry.

Tips and Resources for your Funding Applications

Are you planning to apply for our funding programs and need some information and tips? Here's a short guide for you.

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