More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Die 9. Hamburg Games Conference in Bildern und Videos

Unter dem Motto "Play it: The Future of Games and Films" fand am 5. April die 9. Hamburg Games Conference statt. Hier gibt's Bilder und Videos eines spannenden Nachmittags und Abends.

Die Besucher der 9. Hamburg Games Conference bekamen einiges zu hören und zu sehen: Erfahrene Sprecher und spannende Vorträge rund ums Thema Transmedia, um die Berührungspunkte und Schnittmengen von Film und Spiel zeichneten die gehaltvolle Veranstaltung aus, die auch in diesem Jahr ihre Heimat in der Bucerius Law School fand.

So hielt beispielsweise Christian Fonnesbech, Head of IP bei Nordisk Film Games die Keynote, Bengt-Oliver Stellmann von Garlic Games Media sprach über ein AR-Game zu einer Graphic Novel vom Carlsen Verlag und Niklas Wilke von PriceWaterhouseCoopers präsentierte Marktzahlen und Chancen bei transmedialen Produkten.


Wer nicht anwesend sein konnte, sollte sich ein bisschen grämen - schließlich haben er oder sie tolle Gelegenheiten zum Networking verpasst. Aber zu großer Ärger ist fehl am Platz: Die Gamecity:Hamburg hat die komplette Konferenz live übertragen, sämtliche Vorträge sind auf YouTube zu finden. Wer auf die Themen klickt, kommt direkt zum Video des jeweiligen Programmpunkts.

Less risk, more value: Create your IP for ALL media
Christian Fonnesbech (Head of IP Development, Nordisk Film Games)

Case Study: Vom Album zum Buch, Film und Game und vom Film zum VR-Game - Erfahrungen aus Transmedia-Projekten
Michael Geidel (Produzent für Film und Games, MiriquidiFilm Leipzig)

Case Study: Die Workflows von „Trüberbrook" – Was man aus der Filmproduktion für Games-Development lernen kann
Hans Böhme (btf GmbH)

Case Study:AR-Game zur Graphic Novel „Der nasse Fisch" vom Carlsen Verlag
Bengt-Oliver Stellmann (Creative Director, Garlic Games Media GmbH)

Case Study
Petra Monheim (Founder, Goodbye Kansas Germany)

Marktzahlen und Chancen bei transmedialen Produkten
Niklas Wilke (Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers)

Und auch die anschließende Veranstaltung - der Gamecity-Treff mit 12min.NEXT zum Thema "Games & Gamification" - hat's auf die YouTube-Seite der Gamecity Hamburg geschafft. Hier ist das Video - wir wünschen viel erbaulichen Spaß beim Gucken!


Our year 2021 - Full speed ahead

We’re looking back on an exciting and eventful year 2021, which once again presented many challenges to our methods, workflow and implementation of our programs and offers - but also brought along so many interesting encounters, new projects and opportunities! 

Daniel Marx from Osmotic Studios

Indie Dev Insights #3: How to build a successful small indie team

In the third episode of our Indie Dev Insights video series, Daniel Marx, CEO at the Hamburg-based Osmotics Studio, gives first-hand insights about his experience with founding a studio and working in a small indie team.

The Rise of #cozygames on TikTok

For many above the age of 20, TikTok might as well still be called and mainly feature dance challenges for teens. But with one billion users it has since then become a very exciting platform with unique trends that are amplified by TikTok’s algorithm. Luckily, that algorithm is pretty capable and so we found the #cozygames.

Hamburg Games Conference 2022: First speakers & Trailer

The Hamburg Games Conference sets course for new markets – with international experts from academia, games industry and public funding institutions already confirmd as first speakers for the hybrid event on March 2 and 3, 2022. Also: New trailer gives a peek into the extended hybrid event concept!

Games Lift 2021: Graduated!

​​​​​​​For the people behind the project, Games Lift Graduation is a cause for celebration. After three intense months, they can pause for an evening and marvel at the accomplishments of the five incubator teams. For the actual team members, celebration comes only after the presentation. Find out all about our Games Lift Graduation event in this Games Lift Log.

New Game from Hamburg: Deep Silver FISHLABS release "CHORUS" today

Big day for Hamburg-based development studio Deep Silver FISHLABS: Their eagerly awaited dark space-shooter CHORUS released today for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Stadia, Amazon Luna, Steam, Epic, and GeForce Now!

Live today: Games Lift Graduation 2021

Five teams from Hamburg participate in our Games Lift Incubator 2021 with their promising games porjects from September to December - and now it's time to see what they have achieved and what they're up to. Join us for their final presentations on December 2 - live via stream or on-site in Hamburg!

Games Lift: ‘consider it’ get the green light

Timo Schneider and Kevin Westphal have been developing software successfully for years. Then something unexpected happened: An app of theirs was way too much fun to just be useful. With "supernightshift", they are taking the next step. Read more in our Games Lift Incubator Log.

Games Germany Steam Sale 2022 - Enter Your Game

Games Germany partner up with Steam, organizing a Steam Sale for Games made in Germany in February 2022

Job alert! We are looking for a Project Manager (m/f/d)

We are looking for a Project Manager (m/f/d) for Gamecity Hamburg (full- or part-time, for a fixed term as a parental leave replacement).

Gamecity Hamburg funds 3 games prototypes in second funding round 2021

In the second funding round in 2021, Gamecity Hamburg supports three promising games projects with a total of 159,000 euros through its Prototype Funding program. The non-repayable grant enables companies and developers based in Hamburg to develop prototypes of their games for the growing global games market. Together with the six projects selected by the awarding committee in the first funding round, Gamecity Hamburg funds nine prototypes with a total of 411,000 euros this year.

Games Lift: Symmetry Break on finding words and time

Making games is a team effort. Symmetry Break are our biggest team this year; they have thought a lot about what their game is, and how they want to make it as a group. “Prospector” seems to reflect that. Communication is a crucial part of the game. Talking, it turns out, is harder than picking the right option. Read more about them and their game project in this issue of our Games Lift Incubator Log!

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