More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
More initiatives of the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Hamburg Prototype Funding 2021: € 252,000 for 6 projects in first funding round

The six funded projects were selected by an awarding committee of games industry experts. The quality and number of applications show the great potential of Hamburg as a games hotspot. The application phase for the second funding round in 2021 starts on August 30.

The non-repayable funding grant will enable the selected start-ups from Hamburg to develop prototypes in order to position themselves in the growing global games market. A total of 23 game developers and companies have applied with projects in the 1st funding round 2021.

Dr. Carsten Brosda, Hamburg’s Minister of Culture and Media: "Hamburg is one of the leading games industry hubs in Europe. To maintain this position, the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg provides tailored support to the games industry, through the Prototype Funding program and other measures. It gives studios and developers who plan to start up, settle or open a branch in Hamburg the opportunity to develop and implement their ideas here and thus further strengthens Hamburg as a business location. The projects submitted this year were once again convincing through their multitude as well as their high quality and demonstrated the large potential of the games industry location Hamburg."

"After we were able to launch the new Hamburg Prototype Funding and our Games Lift Incubator in 2020, this year already shows how well these two funding instruments work together. For example, Crumbling is the first game project to receive prototype funding that has previously successfully completed our incubator program. With the help of feedback from our mentors, the team has made a great leap forward and developed a convincing concept for the game and a marketing plan around an innovative virtual reality game mechanic,", says Dennis Schoubye, Project Manager Gamecity Hamburg.

The application phase for the funding ran from March 29 to May 17. In an online pitch day, a pre-selection of the best project teams presented their ideas to the awarding committee. 

The awarding committee, consisting of Hamburg games industry experts Nina Müller (Head of Publishing Goodgame Studios), Michael Schade (Co-Founder and CEO ROCKFISH Games), Valentina Birke (Project Manager Super Crowd Entertainment), Jens Unrau (Head of Department Media and Digital Economy of the Ministry of Culture and Media in Hamburg) and Dennis Schoubye (Project Lead Gamecity Hamburg) made the funding decision for the six projects. 

In addition to a convincing presentation of the project and team, other criteria such as feasibility, promotion of young talent, location effect and market potential were factored in in the decision. A further prerequisite for funding from the Hamburg Prototype Funding is that the funded teams must be based in Hamburg or relocate to Hamburg if funding is approved, or open a branch office in the city.

The funded projects: 

THE INVITATION by tool1 - 60,000 Euros

ARC BREAK by SpiceVR - 50,000 Euros

Rocket Science GONE WRONG (working title) by James Rucks & Clemens Runge - 48,000 Euros

Crumbling by Team Crumbling - 39,782 Euros

The Hunt for Epic Treasure (working title) by Elecular - 35,200 Euros

Fantasma Ville by Torito Games - 19,140 Euros

Further funding opportunities in 2021 through Gamecity Hamburg:

Application phase for the second round of prototype funding in 2021 starts August 30:

For the first time, there will be a second round of prototype funding for the current year. Developers and games companies will be able to apply for funding for their prototypes from August 30.

All further information on prototype funding in Hamburg can be found here on our website

Games Lift Incubator: Application phase starting on June 21:

The application phase for the Games Lift Incubator will start June 21. In this second funding program from Gamecity Hamburg, teams are supported with financing of up to 15,000 Euros and a three-month coaching and mentoring program by experienced, international experts from the games industry. All information about the Games Lift Incubator is available here on our website


Neurodactics releases math learning app Mambio

2021 the Hamburg math learning app Mambio by neurodactics GmbH was supported with 39,273€ with Gamecity Hamburg's prototype funding and 1,172 360€ from the BMWK and has now successfully celebrated its final app release on June 26.

Radioactive Dreams releases Turbo Shell

After receiving the Prototype Funding in 2020, Hamburg-based Radioactive Dreams finally release the game "Turbo Shell".

Prototype Funding 2023: 410.000 euros for 6 Projects from Hamburg

Gamecity Hamburg funds 6 digital game prototypes with 410,000 euros in its 20th anniversary year.

Pitch Level Up 2023: Boost your pitch with expert feedback!

After the successful premiere last year, the Pitch Level Up is back on April 13, 11 am - 6 pm: Get individual feedback on your pitch deck from seasoned games industry professionals with different perspectives - to optimize your pitch for publishers, media, investors or funding institutions.

Applications for prototype funding 2023 open March 3

From today, March 3 to April 5, founders, start-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can apply for the prototype funding. Applicants can apply for up to 120,000 euros for the development of prototypes for digital games. Through the funding program, Gamecity Hamburg will provide a total of 400,000 euros for game developers on behalf of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in 2023.

From Prototype Funding to a Publishing Deal: Tiny Roar and Daedalic Entertainment partner up for Wanderful

A partnership forged in Hamburg: after receiving 80,000 € in prototype funding for their cozy worldbuilder (then called HEXAGONE) from Gamecity Hamburg, Tiny Roar just announced the game will now go by the name Wanderful and is being published by Daedalic Entertainment! An early build also premiered at the new Polaris convention on the last weekend of October. Here's all you need to know about this upcoming indie darling from Hamburg.

Prototype Funding 2022: 398,000 euros for six projects from Hamburg

In the 2022 funding round of the Gamecity Hamburg Prototype Funding program the awarding committee decided to fund six prototypes for digital games by Hamburg-based devs and studios with a total of 398,000 euros. Congratulations to all recipients - we are already excited to see all projects grow and take up speed!

Crumbling releases first VR-demo

“It’s action time! Woosh! Bam! Pow!” – this is how the official trailer adequately announces the freshly released demo of the third-person action-roguelike “Crumbling” by Games Lift Alumnus Ole Jürgensen and his team.

Prototype Funding: New Funding Round Starts - with Higher Maximum Amount

The application phase for Prototype Funding has started and is open until April 11! New this year: if you plan to combine the Gamecity Hamburg Prototype Funding with other public funding programs, it is possible to apply for up to €120,000 instead of the usual €80,000.

Our year 2021 - Full speed ahead

We’re looking back on an exciting and eventful year 2021, which once again presented many challenges to our methods, workflow and implementation of our programs and offers - but also brought along so many interesting encounters, new projects and opportunities! 

Gamecity Hamburg funds 3 games prototypes in second funding round 2021

In the second funding round in 2021, Gamecity Hamburg supports three promising games projects with a total of 159,000 euros through its Prototype Funding program. The non-repayable grant enables companies and developers based in Hamburg to develop prototypes of their games for the growing global games market. Together with the six projects selected by the awarding committee in the first funding round, Gamecity Hamburg funds nine prototypes with a total of 411,000 euros this year.

Prototype Funding: Tips for your application in our video

For all developers, teams and studios who want to apply for our Prototype Funding: this video will give you some valuable tips and overview of the steps needed for to apply. Project Lead Dennis Schoubye shared some Dos and Don'ts.

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