Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Queer Games Bundle 2024 - Our top 5 Games

In the Queer Games Bundle you can find about 500 games, assets and more in support of LGBTQ+ games, creators and game devs. We picked some highlights for you.

Since 2021, the Queer Games Bundle has been showcasing hundreds of games on the platform itch.io in support of LGBTQ+ indie, micro indie, art, and experimental developers and creators during Pride Month in June. Across all genres, from classic adventure games and RPGs, to fighting games, visual novels, simulations, and experimental short experiences - about 500 games and projects are participating in the bundle in 2024.

All funds raised will be distributed equally among the submitters.

More information: https://queergamesbundle.itch.io/

We present five games that caught our eye from the bundle:

2064: Read Only Memories by MidBoss

2064: Read Only Memories is set in a cyberpunk future

This cyberpunk old-school adventure delights with gorgeous pixel art and an intriguing story about a first sentient machine/robot and numerous conspiracies surrounding its origin. The game tackles topics like forms of humanity, use of new technologies, and freedom of choice. It is filled with diverse characters, topics, and personalities, and an outstanding voice cast. Find out more: 2064: Read Only Memories

Mushroom Musume by MortallyMoonstruckGames

In this narrative fiction game you raise a Mushroom Daughter

In this cute life-simulation fantasy RPG you raise your mushroom daughter from a spore to a young mushroom-woman with a lot of choices and multiple endings. Will she find the love of her life? What battles will she fight? What kind of path will you choose for her? The fairytale setting, wonderful ambient music and range of options make this little gem worth your while. Mushroom Musume

Elephantasy: Flipside by Linker

Can you find out all the secrets in this Metroidvania Platformer?

In this Metroidvania puzzle platformer you take on the role of the small elephant "Belle" to uncover the secrets between two worlds, collect gems, discover lost souls, and upgrade your abilities. With the isometric funky look, over 700 rooms, multiple endings, and more, the game delivers a challenging and intriguing experience. Elephantasy: Flipside

Fostering Apocalypse by Incisor Studios

Stay focused in this narrative survival game. 

You embark on a dark journey in this short narrative survival adventure game, after the world has been lost to a demon apocalypse. You play as Del, who patrols the wasteland in her truck, trying to survive. She discovers a cute demon girl and everything changes. There are multiple endings to this game that leaves you with an eerie feeling. Fostering Apocalypse by Incisor Studios

Sigh of the Abyss: Shadow Bonds (demo) by Rascal Devworks

There are many secrets to discover in this fantasy visual novel.

What would a Queer Bundle List be without a visual novel? Sigh of The Abyss allows the player to customize your protagonist's name, skills, and romantic preferences. In this dark fantasy visual novel, you play a mysterious entity in human form on its path to break a curse laid upon you. Your decisions matter, so choose wisely. Sigh of the Abyss: Shadow Bonds

There are many more games and assets to explore in the Queer Games Bundle 2024, so check it out! You have time until July 12 to support the bundle and queer creators. You can get the bundle for $60 or as a pay what you can edition.

Get it here: Queer Games Bundle 2024


Schulpraktikum Games 2024: Videospiel-Entwicklung zum Anfassen

Beim diesjährigen Schulpraktikum Games konnten 17 Hamburger Schüler*innen – 9 Mädchen, 8 Jungen – vom 24. Juni bis 12. Juli echte Entwickler-Luft schnuppern. Während ihren drei Wochen Praktikumszeit erhielten sie Einblicke in verschiedene Hamburger Unternehmen aus dem Ökosystem Games und konnten zum krönenden Abschluss aus ihren eigenen Ideen ein Game entwickeln.

Games Lift 2024: Das sind die fünf Teams

Auch 2024 überzeugten fünf großartige Teams aus Hamburger Spiele-Entwickler*innen das Vergabe-Gremium des Games Lift Inkubators mit ihren spannenden Projekten.

Gamecity Hamburg and Hamburg Game Studios at Gamescom 2024

Gamecity Hamburg brings five indie studios to the next gamescom 2024 from August 21 to 25. Find out more about the indie teams at gamescom 2024 and our "Road to Program".

Road to Polaris 2024 - Bewirb Dich bis zum 25. August

Vom 11. bis 13. Oktober findet die Community-Convention Polaris mit einem dreitägigen Programm aus den Bereichen Gaming, E-Sports, Cosplay und Content Creation statt. Gamecity Hamburg bietet kostenlose Standpakete für ausgewählte Hamburger Entwickler*innen, Teams und Studios an. So könnt Ihr Eure Spiele, Prototypen und Demos dem Publikum präsentieren und direktes Feedback von euren Zielgruppen sammeln. Bewerbungen sind noch bis zum 25. August möglich!

Recap: The Game Playtest Night #2 was a blast – and will return

Let's look back at our Game Playtest Night #2 in June: We cooperated with the gaming and esport location Play Bay in order to offer participating indie developers an opportunity, to test their work in progress games with the help of motivated test gamers.

Warum Sichtbarkeit von LGBTQIA+ in Games so wichtig ist

Journalistin Lea Irion hat es dank eines Videospiels geschafft, zu ihrer Sexualität zu stehen. Hier erzählt sie ihre Geschichte und die von zwei LGBTQIA+ Entwickler*innen aus Hamburg.

Dritter „Games Made in Germany“-Steam Sale startet am 20. Juni mit Showcase und exklusiver Vinyl

Der "Games Made in Germany" Steam-Sale von Games Germany bietet 250 großartige Spiele made in Germany und startet am 20. Juni um 19 Uhr mit einem großen Showcase auf dem IGN Youtube-Channel und einer exklusiven Vinyl mit den besten Soundtracks aus deutschen Spielen.

Goodbye Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub

Die Zeit für unseren Gamecity Hamburg Online Hub ist gekommen. Wir schließen das virtuelle Zuhause für die Hamburger Gamesbranche auf unserer Gamecity Hamburg Webseite und blicken noch einmal zurück.

Gamecity Hamburg & four Hamburg indie game studios and developers at Nordic Game 2024

Recap: Road to Nordic - Gamecity Hamburg at the Nordic Games Conference 2024

Let's look back at our Road to Nordic program: We attended the Nordic Game Conference 2024 in Malmö, with four Hamburg indie game developers and their game projects.

Gamecity Hamburg Prototypenförderung 2024: Hamburg fördert fünf Prototypen digitaler Spiele

Gamecity Hamburg unterstützt in der Förderrunde 2024 fünf Games-Projekte mit jeweils bis zu 80.000 Euro als nicht rückzahlbarer Zuschuss. Als Anschubfinanzierung begünstigt die Förderung Neugründungen in Hamburg und unterstützt Unternehmen bei der Entwicklung von Prototypen digitaler Spiele.

Job Spotlight: Bytro

Bytro is a well-established institution in the Hamburg games industry and the mobile and browser games market. Their first game, Supremacy 1914, will turn 15 years old in May of 2024. This is a rare milestone for any game, especially considering that this historic war strategy game might not exactly be a mainstream product. The key to running a successful company for a long time is, of course, the people. As Bytro is currently hiring, we spoke to Felix Schröter, the interim Lead for Analytics and Monetization. He has had many different opportunities at Bytro and gave us deeper insights into the company and their current job openings.

Games Lift: Jetzt Noch Erfolgreicher

Auch schon für den neuen Jahrgang beworben? Der Games Lift Inkubator steht vor der nächsten Runde. Das Programm hat inzwischen bewiesen: Hier wird Erfolg entwickelt.

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