Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft
Weitere Initiativen der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Display 2022 - Let's Take a Look

At the event Display 2022, the students from the Games Master at HAW Hamburg presented the games they have been working on for the past three semesters. We were impressed by the creativity and skill showcased by the teams and want to share a glimpse of these projects with you.

Photo by Suzan Azakli

Stepping into the Games Lab at the HAW Hamburg at the day of the Display 2022 was a wonderful experience - lovingly decorated game stations, a room full of excited students and curious members of the Hamburg games industry are a good mix! 

The Games Master at HAW Hamburg is one of the 12 universities and educational institutions in Hamburg where new talent for the games industry is being trained. It is one of the few master's degree programs in the field of games offered by public universitites in Germany. Quite a few teams that formed in the Games Master already went on to succesfully found their own studios, develop and release their own games and win noteable awards like the German Developer Award (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis).

But back to the evening of the Display 2022 presentation: After a few welcoming words from Professor Ralf Hebecker, Anke Günther and Eric Janot, the six teams presented their games to the audience at the Games Lab and at home. If you have missed the livestream, you can catch up right here (German only). All games presented this evening and from previous graduating classes are available in a collection on itch.io.

Full house at the Games Lab / Photo by Suzan Azakli
Full house at the Games Lab / Photo by Suzan Azakli

In between the presentations and afterwards, the game stations were open for playing, an opportunity none of the attendees wanted to miss. 

Light of Atlantis by Team Drowntown

Light of Atlantis is a beautiful 2D puzzle-plattformer that charmed us with it's hand-drawn style, smooth controls, clever puzzles and strong sounddesign. The little ocot-robot is quite adorable and can dish out comparibly to the Knight in Hollow Knight. 
The team is aiming for a release on Steam within the next months, but you can already play this game on itch.io 

Ki Nana by Team Twig 

Ki Nana is wholesome adventure in which you play the guardian of nature. After a long slumber an infestation has barred the land, now you must go and heal the world. A magical experience! We were quite taken with the colorful style and the adorable protagonist. 
Take a look for yourself over at itch.io 

Forlorn by Team Godcomplex 

Photo by Suzan Azakli
Photo by Suzan Azakli

Forlorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure, which deals with the topics from cosmic horror. Journey into a world that seems familiar but doesn't abide the laws known to you. Find out what awaits you in these strange caverns, but watch your back, because you're not the only creature roaming this dimension.
Forlorn gave us quite a fright, but take a look for yourself at itch.io.  

You will see more from Team Godcomplex soon, because they are part of the Games Lift Incubator 2022 with their game Stack'em Up

Das ist kein Spiel mehr by Team Not so Serious 

Photo by Suzan Azakli
Photo by Suzan Azakli

"Das ist kein Spiel mehr" is a serious game project about harassement on the way home. The project consists of two analogue games, one being a board game in which one person takes on the role of the perpetrator, using cards to to harass the second player on their way home on the subway. The other player can defend themselves using support methods and facilities. All actions described on the cards are based on personal experiences from play testers.

The second game is a card game on how to swear at someone without resorting to discrimitory language. The goal of the project is to raise awareness of and give people tools to defend themselves against harassement. The project is still on development, the team wants to cooperate with eduacational facilities. 

Take a closer look

Xylophongos by Team Mushroomancer

Xylophongos is a mystical and melancholic serious game on the topic of terminal care. As an anthropomorphic fungus the player must guide the guardian tree of the forest into his death. The team states that "Fungi are one of the few organisms that can decompose lignin found in wood so they are essential to the ecosystem. This makes them in a sense terminal caretakers of dead and dying trees also turning them into nutrients for new life to form." The beautiful artstyle, whimsical characterdesign and soundtrack hooked us in. 

You can find Xylophongos on itch.io

Metacore by Team Weihnachtsmann 

Metacore is a fast-paced co-op shooter for up to four players. Stranded on a strange planet you and your team have to comb through desert ruins to upgrade your gear and find a way home. A variety of gadgets and the ability to transform into a ball so your teammates can position you in unusual places make this game a fun experience. 
The game might already look familiar, because the team will also be part of our Games Lift Incubator 2022. Check it out 

You can also take a look at this project on itch.io

It's great to see so many new teams and interesting ideas being formed in the Games Master program! We can't wait to see what will become of these projects and what these young indie devs will do next.  

Want to know more about the Games Master program at HAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences? Visit their website with lots of useful information about the program and how to apply.



Recap: Games Compass 2022

On November 23, InnoGames and Gamecity Hamburg invited decision makers from the games and digital industries of Hamburg and beyond to their jointly organized, exclusive networking event Games Compass.

Road to Hamburg Games Conference 2023: Apply until January 30

For this year's Hamburg Games Conference, Gamecity Hamburg once again opens its Road to program: We offer a number of physical showcasing spot packages for Hamburg-based studios, publishers, teams, and devs. Apply until January 30!

Hamburg Games Conference 2023: Am 1. und 2. März zum Thema “Invest in Games“

Die Hamburg Games Conference kehrt als Präsenz-Event in neuer Location nach Hamburg zurück. Mit dem Leitthema “Invest in Games” beleuchtet sie die aktuelle Entwicklung der internationalen Gamesindustrie.

Games Lift: Team Marty schießen um die Ecke

Die Titelheldin wirkt jung und hitzköpfig, das Team hinter ihr erfahren und reflektiert: Babsi Bullet wird ein actionreicher Puzzle-Plattformer für Touchscreens. Für Team Marty ist das Spiel ein Herzensprojekt mit echter Handarbeit.

Games Lift: Team ACAS freunden sich mit Kanonen und Spatzen an

Kaum ein Spiel sieht schon von weitem so entwaffnend aus wie das Metroidvania About Cannons & Sparrows: Aus einem unscheinbaren Ei schlüpft eine kleine Kanone. Die erfahrenen Animationsspezialisten von Team ACAS haben zwar noch kein fertiges Spiel, aber eine starke Vision.

Drei Fragen an: Soapbox Interactive, die an "Rocket Science GONE WRONG" arbeiten

Soapbox Interactive haben viel vor: Sie arbeiten nicht nur an einem Multiplayer-First-Person-Shooter mit neuer Spielmechanik – sie entwickeln auch direkt ihre eigene Game Engine, unterstützt durch die Gamecity Hamburg Prototypenförderung. Nun feiert das Team den nächsten Förder-Erfolg: Sie wurden ins Programm „InnoRampUp“ für besonders innovative Start-Ups aus der Hansestadt aufgenommen.

Von der Prototypenförderung zum Publishing-Deal: Tiny Roars Wanderful wird von Deadalic Entertainment gepublished

Eine Partnerschaft, die in Hamburg geschmiedet wurde: Nachdem Tiny Roar von Gamecity Hamburg 80.000 € Prototypenförderung für ihren gemütlichen Worldbuilder (damals noch HEXAGONE) erhalten hatte, gab das Unternehmen jetzt bekannt, dass das Spiel nun Wanderful heißt und von Daedalic Entertainment veröffentlicht wird! Eine frühe Version des Spiels wurde bereits auf der neuen Polaris Convention am letzten Oktoberwochenende vorgestellt. Hier ist alles, was ihr über diesen kommenden Indie-Darling aus Hamburg wissen müsst.

Games Lift: Elin Meinecke sät Vielfalt

Das Team hinter dem Farm-Sim-Rollenspiel Evergreen Garden besteht aus einer Person: Elin Meinecke ist für Art und Game Design ihres Projektes allein verantwortlich. Sie bringt einen Studienabschluss in Illustration mit. Und eine kreative Vision aus dem Garten.

Recap: Road to Polaris 2022

The Polaris Convention, Hamburg's new community convention centered around gaming, e-sports, and Asian pop-culture, attracted around 10,000 visitors to the Hamburg exhibition halls for its first edition from October 28 to 30. Gamecity Hamburg participated with a joint booth, where we featured five indie developers from Hamburg though our Road to Polaris program, presenting their game projects to a broad audience.

Three Questions to: rose-engine - Makers of the Sci-Fi Horror Hit SIGNALIS

Yuri Stern and Barbara Wittmann have been creating games together for 8 years now, on October 27 their Hamburg-based studio rose-engine is releasing their latest game SIGNALIS. Published by Humble Games, this dark Sci-Fi horror game with its retro optic has already stirred up quite a buzz in the international gaming press. We took this opportunity to ask them about collaborating for so many years and how the match with their publisher came to be.

Games Lift: Team Metacore suchen die Herausforderung

Sie haben viel zu tun. Sie haben große Ziele. Aber darüber verlieren sie nicht die gute Laune; beim Tischgespräch mit Team Metacore gibt es nicht nur kompetente Antworten zu hören, sondern auch viel Gelächter. Die Stimmung könnte sich auf ihr Projekt übertragen.

Games Lift: Menschen machen den Inkubator

Den Games Lift Inkubator kann es nur geben, weil eine große Zahl von Expert*innen ihn unterstützt, Teams coacht und vernetzt. Über 35 Branchenveteran*innen sind in verschiedenen Funktionen dabei, viele nicht zum ersten Mal. Wir haben gefragt: Warum machen die das?

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